A passion for jewelry

Devi Jewels' enchanting creations grace prestigious events globally, from the AMFAR ball in Venice to the Serpentine Summer Party in London, and the International Law Awards at New York’s Frick Museum, to Paris Couture Week and London Fashion Week. Celebrated at private shows in iconic venues like Annabel’s and Brown’s Hotel in London, our pieces have become synonymous with elegance.

Founder and Creative Director Radhika Nayar finds joy in engaging with the diverse Devi community, comprising seasoned jewelry connoisseurs and young women purchasing their first jewels. The brand's association with gala events worldwide is a source of anticipation, but Radhika derives true thrill from witnessing clients' faces light up when adorned with Devi Jewels.

With "Devi" meaning goddess in Sanskrit, our mission revolves around elevating women.

Each meticulously crafted piece aims to enhance the wearer's essence, conveying confidence and strength. Radhika prioritizes transparency, providing certificates for individual gemstones, ensuring Devi Jewels become cherished family heirlooms. Sourcing the finest gemstones globally—from Surat for diamonds to Colombia, Zambia, Mozambique, Thailand, Australia, Japan, and Tanzania—reflects our commitment to excellence.

Devi Jewels' production spans jewelry capitals globally, choosing locations based on expertise and gemstone specialties. Whether crafting a wooden, gold, and diamond bracelet in Italy, ruby flower earrings with a mystery setting in Thailand, or emerald and diamond jewelry in India and the Middle East, each piece signifies conscious craftsmanship and attention to detail.