With over two decades in the jewelry industry, our founder and Creative Director, Radhika, embarked on her journey in her mid-20s. Since 2018, she has crafted bespoke luxurious jewelry pieces, resulting in a unique and timeless brand. Armed with perseverance and a touch of luck, Radhika's creations imbue wearers with confidence and radiance. Following the completion of her MBA, Radhika's transition to a jewelry designer was driven by personal passion. Beyond the intrinsic beauty of precious stones, her designs encapsulate symbolism and deeper meanings, aiming to empower women. Radhika's unwavering commitment began as a personal quest, shaping the foundation of our brand.

With "Devi" meaning goddess in Sanskrit, our mission revolves around elevating women.

Journey to jewelry

Each summer, Radhika immersed herself in Mumbai, captivated by her grandmother's precious jewelry. The brilliance and hues of those adorned pieces left a lasting impression. Evenings revealed the grandeur of diamond jewelry, dazzling and intricate, as her grandmother prepared for dinner. Witnessing the stones come to life brought joy to her grandmother's face. Radhika's fascination deepened during jeweler visits, enamored by diverse stones. This enduring love story led to the inception of Devi Jewels—an homage to Radhika's lifelong passion ignited by the mesmerizing allure of her grandmother's cherished gems.