From the AMFAR ball in Venice to the Serpentine Summer Party in London, the International Law Awards at New York’s Frick Museum, Paris Couture Week and London Fashion Week, Devi Jewels pieces are habitually worn at galas and society events the world over. 

 Devi jewels have captivated audiences at private shows at Annabel’s and at Brown’s Hotel in London. Founder and creative director Radhika Nayar is happiest when interacting with the Devi community which encompasses women who are jewelry connoisseurs as well as young women buying their first jewels. 

 “There is always a fluttering anticipation before a big show or event, but seeing our clients faces light up when they try on our jewels, there is a real thrill in that,” says Radhika.

 Being a jewelry brand with the word goddess in our name – Devi is Sanskrit for goddess - elevating women is at the heart of everything we do. Creating unique pieces that enhance and bring out the true essence of the women wearing them is Devi Jewels’ proud privilege. Each piece communicates a sense of confidence and strength.

“My intention while designing is to ensure that the wearer of Devi Jewels herself always remains more important than the jewels. Women are fabulous just as they are.”

Each Devi jewel is the culmination of conscious crafting and attention to detail at every step. Founder and creative director Radhika Nayar believes it is crucial to offer to certificates with individual gemstones within her designs, to ensure transparency and and also to assure Devi Jewels become treasured family heirlooms. For this reason, all gemstones found in Devi Jewels creations - diamonds, emeralds, rubies and tanzanites - are certified by world leading laboratories.

 Devi Jewels sources best in class gemstones globally. Diamonds routinely come from Surat in India, emeralds from Colombia or Zambia, rubies from Mozambique and Thailand, pearls from Australia and Japan and tanzanite from Tanzania. 

Devi Jewels pieces are produced in jewelry capitals around the world. Since different locations specialise in certain gemstones and jewelry making techniques, Devi Jewels chooses on a case by case basis where each jewel is to be crafted – from a wooden, gold and diamond bracelet made in Italy because of its coil bracelet with springs, to a ruby flower earrings with mystery setting created in Thailand, while much emerald and diamond jewelry is manufactured in India and the Middle East.

Devi Jewels' production spans jewelry capitals globally, choosing locations based on expertise and gemstone specialties. Whether crafting a wooden, gold, and diamond bracelet in Italy, ruby flower earrings with a mystery setting in Thailand, or emerald and diamond jewelry in India and the Middle East, each piece signifies conscious craftsmanship and attention to detail.