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At Devi Jewels, we are inspired by everything around us that holds meaning greater than ourselves: nature, history and the bonds that we share with the people we care about. We handcraft each piece of fine jewelry made of precious stones, for which we use the finest rubies, tanzanites, diamonds, pearls and our personal favorite - emeralds, to create unique designs that range extensively from everyday to heirloom pieces.

“My intention while designing is to ensure that the wearer of Devi Jewels herself always remains more important than the jewels. Women are fabulous just as they are.”

Radhika Nayar

Founder and Creative Director, Devi Jewels

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Bespoke jewelry pieces are designed, after many conversations to understand the feelings, the thoughts and the reason for the commision. Jewelry is a personal emotion, so we, at Devi believe that the client should be involved at all the stages, the design, sourcing the stones, the production and finishing

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Everlasting service at Devi

At Devi, we are committed to providing the highest level of jewelry care services to our clients.Every jewelry piece at Devi tells a story, and empowers women to live life on their own terms. Keeping that in mind, we continue the relationship with our clients, even after purchase by cleaning, polishing, engraving, resizing, or repairing the pieces - so that they are able to continue to exude confidence and make the most of what the jewelry pieces have to offer.

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At Devi Jewels, we believe that jewelry in the day is as essential as jewelry at night. Day or Night, it is not about putting more or less on but striking the right balance with the setting. In the day going to work you wear lighter and simpler pieces, like the stunning Twinset Diamond Chain. In the evening you can add bracelets and rings for a bolder sparkle.

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