Travel, Bejewelled

A dash of pearls and a sprinkle of diamonds can complete any vacation look, and Jewellery also serves as a symbol of constancy during your travels. Sometimes, you can look at your Jewellery box brimming with beautiful, sentimental pieces in a foreign land, and realize how important it is to carry a little bit of home with you wherever you go…

Here are my top picks to travel with :-

Doubly dazzling, our Twin-Layered Diamond Pendant chain has two chains with large, invisible diamond set pendants encircled by micro diamonds, totalling 1.60 carats, adding a perfectly glamourous note to your evening look.

Our Classic Uncut Diamond Earrings with Matching Necklace, set with gorgeous uncut flat diamonds and sparkling pave diamonds, is perfect to throw on when rushing out to explore, perfectly complementing each other and whatever chic surroundings you find yourself in this summer!

Versatility is key when travelling and our Baroque Pearl Add Ons featuring baroque pearls topped with a sprig of sparkling diamonds, are a must-have in your summer suitcase – they can be attached to any top earrings - upping their lustre quotient! 

Classic, versatile and stackable – what more could one possibly want from a Jewellery piece when traveling? Well, when you add over 5 carats of glittering emerald cut diamonds to the mix, as is the case with our Diamond Eternal Band, you have a real winner!

Adding a pop colour with bright yellow diamonds and a breath of fresh air with nature inspired motifs and creamy pearls, our Two Toned South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings with its Matching Ring will add a hint of dramatic flair to your travel look!

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