A deep dive into some seriously stunning jewels, owned by women jewelry connoisseurs.

  1. Elizabeth Taylor – First on the list is obviously Elizabeth Taylor, one of film’s most celebrated stars. Considered the last classic Hollywood icon, Taylor is renowned for her passionate spirit, strength and unwavering compassion. Her jewelry collection is what dreams are made of. Complete twinkling Tiara’s and a dazzling Bulgari collection, her treasures raised over £140 million for charity. Famous pieces include a n antique diamond tiara with 9 round brilliant stones set atop a fleur-de-lis and lattice motif and a necklace with an over 69 carat pear shaped diamond (a gift from Hollywood star Richard Burton).

    Elizabeth Taylor
  2. Queen Elizabeth II – The late Queen’s grace, diplomacy and quintessentially British values charmed the whole word. Her fabulous jewelry collection is housed in a room situated below Buckingham Palace. Highlights of her collection include the Timur Ruby, 352 carat carved spinel inscribed with the names of the Mughal emperors who were its previous owners and a diamond and sapphire tiara, necklace and earring suite known as the Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamond, originally designed in 1850 and gifted to the Queen on her wedding day.

Queen Elizabeth II

Mrs Lily Safra – Well known for her love of fine jewelry, Mrs. Safra sold just a portion of her collection – 70 pieces -  in an auction for charity, fetching a whopping £30 million. Always prizing the finest quality of pieces, highlights from Mrs. Safra’s collection include a 32.08 cushion shaped Burmese ruby (named the Hope Ruby) mounted on a Chaumet ring and a 34.04 carat rectangular cut potentially flawless diamond ring.

Mrs Lily Safra

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