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Diamonds are an integral part of high end fine luxury jewellery. Diamonds are worn on its own or combined with precious coloured stones.

Diamonds earrings, rings bracelets and necklaces, we at DEVI have many different designs, shapes and sizes. Just a bit about different shapes, please see the image below.

Different shapes of Diamond

The most popular are of-course the round brilliant cut, for ear studs, rings and pendants. Pear shape diamonds are also used in earrings, rings and necklaces/ pendants. The emerald cut and ovals are set more for rings. The cut of the stones, the bottom dept, the girdle, also determines, which purpose can the stone be set.

The 4 important Cs, Colour, Clarity, Carats and Cut are very important to check and see when buying a Diamond.

These are of course most elementary to know when buying Diamonds. Each of the above will be mentioned in the Certificate of the diamond, which should be also asked for when buying Diamonds, especially 75pointer and above.

We at DEVI used certified diamonds for mostly all our jewellery.

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