Sustainable pieces

Sustainable pieces

At DEVI Jewels, we believe that each piece of precious jewellery deserves to be worn and loved, even when trends may change. That is why we believe in repurposing pieces and giving them a new life. Here are some of our favourites:


  1. We converted a unique diamond studded brooch to create our European Flower Diamond Ring, which sits upon interlocked fine diamond encrusted rings – this piece is sure to be a talking point at your next soirée.

    European Flower Diamond Ring
  2. A dazzling pair of Zambian and diamond earrings flank neat rows of glittering diamonds, crisscrossing to sit at the centre of the wrist, in this one of a kind Emerald and Diamond Bangle.

    Emerald and Diamond Bangle

  3. A true showstopper, our Emerald Bead Necklace gives a new lease of life to a pair of vintage diamond starburst earrings which have been converted into brooches that sit atop over 1000 carats of shimmering Zambian emerald beads, perfectly juxtaposing the rounded curves of the beads with their geometric style.

    Emerald Bead Necklace

Explore the epitome of luxury jewellery design at Devi Jewels. Immerse yourself in our exquisite collections, among the finest luxury jewellery websites.

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