Summer Jewellery Care

Summer Jewellery Care

It’s all fun and games on holiday until a beloved piece gets damaged. We know exactly how that feels, and are here to help you make sure that never happens!

Here are Radhika’s top tips to keep pieces in perfect shape, after some fun in the sun.

  1. Water, water everywhere: We recommend taking off your Jewellery and storing it in a safe place before taking part in activities such as a dip in the pool or ocean. Saltwater and chlorine are both damaging for precious Jewellery, causing discoloration. Even relatively resilient stones like diamonds can lose their sparkle as these elements cause the finish and polish to wear off.

  1. Sand in your shoes, but not on your jewels : Sand and precious Jewellery are not a good combination. Its highly abrasive nature causes precious metals to get scratched while also causing gemstones to come loose by getting lodged in Jewellery settings.

  1. Build-up and precious stones don’t mix : Build-up from sunscreen, bug spray and tanning lotions can dull your jewels and cause them to temporarily lose their lustre.

  1. Humid weather is not your jewels’ friend : If you’re travelling somewhere humid, store your Jewellery in a cool and dry place, and add packets of silica gel to your Jewellery box, to soak up the moisture.

All our pieces come in velvet Jewellery pouches, that keep them safe, intact and scratch free -  perfect to travel with. Shop DEVI jewels here.

Summer Jewellery

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