Our Newest Pieces

Our Newest Pieces

We are so excited to present a little sneak peak into some new pieces we have been designing…more details will be available soon, and they will be on the website very soon. In the meanwhile, be sure to add them to your wish list.

Encrusted with emeralds and interspersed with dazzling diamonds that juxtapose the bright green of the emeralds, our newest ring is truly a class apart.

dazzling diamonds

Drops of diamonds cascade seemingly endlessly in our newest earrings with bold, glittering diamonds encircled by yet some more shimmering diamonds.

Drops of diamonds

Row upon row of milky off white pearls are joined together by dazzling diamond flowers, making an elegantly bold statement.

Created to rest delicately upon the neck and the catch the light beautifully, the latest addition to our pendant collection is dainty, featuring a round diamond pendant and a diamond dotted chain that adds an interesting facet to the piece .

Diamond dotted

We pride ourselves on being amongst the best luxury jewellery brands in London and continue to innovate constantly, keeping up with the trends in the luxury jewellery market.  Shop our collection of fine jewellery in London and Dubai, and via our website.


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