One of the Best Luxury Jewellery Brands in the World Celebrates Women of Influence

One of the Best Luxury Jewellery Brands in the World Celebrates Women of Influence

In the realm of fine jewelry, DEVI Jewels stands apart - we not only craft exquisite and timeless fine jewelry pieces  but also take pride in aligning ourself with initiatives that celebrate the empowerment of women and breaking barriers. At the heart of this commitment lies our support for Women of Influence, a visionary initiative by Baroness Verma that recognizes and applauds women who are breaking the glass ceiling. Right from its inception, DEVI Jewels has dedicated itself to supporting and celebrating women who defy norms and pave the way for others to follow suit.

This year, DEVI Jewels had the privilege of presenting the Women of Influence Award to Christina Hughes, the visionary founder of Women-Space, an organization that supports women in unlocking their true potential in their professional journeys. Our Creative Brand Director and a top woman jewelry designer, Radhika Nayar, presented this prestigious award to Christina.

The stories of all the winners were a testament to resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence—a spirit mirrored in the intricacy and craftsmanship of DEVI Jewels. DEVI Jewels also had the distinct pleasure of hosting female leaders who guide, support, and encourage women to excel in their respective fields.

In the grand tapestry of luxury jewelry brands in the world, DEVI Jewels has set itself apart. As a world renowned luxury jewelry brand in London, DEVI Jewels is proud to have been a part of this amazing initiative.

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