Jewelry in Pop Culture

Jewelry in Pop Culture

Explore exquisite pieces of jewlery that created iconic moments in pop culture, and influenced the luxury jewelry market.

Pretty Woman – Julia Roberts

Pretty Woman

We all remember the scene in “Pretty Woman,” where we couldn’t help but gasp - Richard Gere’s character puts a stunning, sparkling necklace around Julia Roberts’ neck, completing her transformation for the evening.

French jeweller Fred Joaillier made this ruby necklace that consisted of 23 pear-cut rubies set in diamond-encrusted hearts. Before the film hit the theatres, the estimated price of the necklace was around $ 250,000. With the movie’s success, the necklace’s value increased—now worth about $ 1.35 million. Such is the magic that exquisite jewelry and cinema create together.

Our over 34 carat Rare Ruby and Diamond Necklace is crimson perfection – with 10 oval cut pigeon pink stones and almost 18 carats of white diamonds, it is as (if not more) swoon worthy as the necklace in the film.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Audrey Hepburn

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn

Two jewelry pieces relating to the film have achieved legendary status in pop culture. The first is the Ribbon Rosette, created by Jean Schlumberger, one of the most celebrated designers of the 20th century. It is made of platinum, yellow gold and diamonds, and has one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world (‘The Tiffany Diamond’ at its centre.) The gemstone was discovered in the Kimberly Mine in South Africa in 1877, and  Hepburn famously wore it during promotions for the film. The diamond was worn by Lady Gaga to the 2019 and is valued at $30 million.

The pearl necklace during the opening scene of the film is equally legendary. Four rows of creamy pearls were used, and at its centre, a large brooch with sparkling diamonds sits in place. Some say the necklace in the film was a piece of costume jewelry, but, nevertheless, it is as iconic today as a necklace can be.

Our classic  Pearl Choker, with four strings of cultured pearls intersprered with diamonds, combines the soft milk white tones of pearls with the dazzle of diamonds – a combination that continues to win hearts.

Maid in Manhattan – Jennifer Lopez

Maid in Manhattan

In the 2002 film, "Maid in Manhattan," Jennifer Lopez stunned in the ‘Winston Cluster’ necklace and diamond stud earrings from Harry Winston, creating classic moment firmly etched in the mind of every jewelry enthusiast.

These iconic pieces are part of the Harry Winston signature design, known as the Winston Cluster. Designed in the 1940s, this striking motif features pear, marquise and round brilliant diamonds set at varying angles, creating a sculptural design. By placing the diamonds at different heights and angles, more light could reach them. This maximized their brilliance and allowed the pieces to sparkle from all directions. 

Our Large Riviera Necklace takes it one step further with a string of dazzling, fully certified white diamonds, with perfect gradation - Hollywood glamour at its finest.

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