Jewellery trends for 2023

Dear DEVI Jewels family and Friends,

We hope you read our 1st Blog, for the year 2023.

We would like to share with you some of the trends for 2023. Jewellery is everlasting and valuable, hence the trends reappear every few years. 

At DEVI Jewels, our forecast for this year are, riviera diamond necklaces for women, consisting of big or small Diamonds, to be worn single or layered. You can add a Diamond or a precious gemstone pendant.

Pearl necklaces, single strand or double. Big south sea pearls or baroque pearls add character and elegance. Pearl choker necklaces have become very sought after, as it is edgy and classic. 

Our favourite precious stone, still very important is the EMERALD.

Emeralds used in an engagement ring, or just a beautiful ring with Diamonds. Different shapes and sizes. We at DEVI have used heart shape and pear shape in our earrings and rings. For our bracelets and chokers, ovals and squares.

This year, it’s either short or long Earrings. Diamond studs or solitaire earrings or long single line of Diamonds or multiple strands. We have many exciting pieces to show you soon.

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