Baguette, brilliant, cabochon.... the words used to describe different gemstone cuts and many terms associated with jewellery can often be quite befuddling. We at DEVI Jewels have put together a little list of some commonly used words to help you find exactly what you are looking for, each time you go jewellery shopping!

Gemstone cuts :

Baguette - A rectangular diamond cut with four corners that create a rectangle or four-sided polygon.

Brilliant - A 58 facet cut diamond. One of the most popular cuts these days.

Emerald - A rectangular cut often used for emeralds (hence the name) but also for diamonds and other stones.

Marquise - A fancy "boat shaped" diamond cut. Oval, but with pointy ends. Our Marquise Diamond Chain celebrates this unique cut.

Oval – A classic oval shaped diamond cut. 

Princess - A square-cut diamond equivalent to a brilliant cut. Also called a Quadrillion or Squarillion cut.

Radiant - A cross between a square emerald cut and a brilliant cut.

Other commonly used terms :

Cabochon - A cabochon is a stone that has a rounded, domed surface with no facets (a facet is a plain, polished surface on a stone).

Sautoir - An extremely long neck chain, which falls below the waistline and terminates with a tassel or pendant.

Baroque - A general term for bold, ornate, heavy looking ornamentation.

Pavé - Stones set close together, showing no metal between them. Our Ruby Pavé Diamond Earrings are a perfect example.

Eternity ring - An eternity ring is a narrow ring with a line of diamonds or other gemstones running all the way round. The unbroken circle symbolises eternal commitment. Our Diamond Eternal Band is perfect to gift your partner (or yourself!)