Jewellery at the Oscar’s

Oscars 2023, was CHIC , AUTHENTIC  and  GLAMOROUS.

Mostly Diamonds and only a few coloured stones. The clothes were beautifully cut, draped, lots of Voluminous long coats and colours. All the high end jewellery were represented Moussaief jewels, De Beers, Fred Leighton, Bulgari, Tiffany, Messika and more. The jewellery was all in white, white gold and white diamonds.

Some coloured stones which were mostly vibrant colours of yellow diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies.


The necklaces were all close to the neckline, or worn on the neck.
Earrings were long, skimming the shoulders. Rings were either large single stone Diamonds, or cocktail rings. Broad bracelets and cuffs of diamonds.

Some necklaces were worn on the head as Tiaras. And the Surprise was Brooches ! Lots of them worn by Women and Men. This look was worn by Rihanna at the Super Bowl 2023. Brooches are the new hot jewellery piece to own and possess.

DEVI jewels have many brooch options. All our pendant have an option to be worth as a brooch.

We love the look and want you to enjoy it too.


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