Jewellery as An Investment

Jewellery as An Investment

Stocks and bonds are all well and good, but sometimes the best investments are of the sparkly kind. With the recent surge in gold prices and the increasing rarity of high-quality gemstones (the kind DEVI Jewels works with) such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and tanzanite, investing in exquisite pieces is not just a fashion statement, but a savvy financial decision.

Gold has always been a symbol of, and as its value continues to climb to dizzying heights, it is a reliable asset in any investment portfolio. When looking at investment jewellery - the scarcity of good quality gemstones adds to the allure and value. Their value has, and will continue to appreciate. Burmese and Mozambique rubies, renowned for their fiery red hue, Columbian and Zambian emeralds with their captivating green allure, Kashmir and Ceylon sapphires in their various shades of blue, pearls, including south sea pearls and the mesmerizing violet-blue tanzanite, are becoming increasingly rare, driving their prices upward.

Take a peek into our treasure trove of jewels and be inspired for your next investment piece - 

With 30 carats of Zambian emeralds, our Nature Inspired Emerald & Diamond Necklace is an exquisite emerald and diamond jewellery piece and makes an ethereal statement.

30 carats of icy blue sparkle, DEVI Jewels Blue Tanzanite Ring is truly a showstopper. 

Ten oval cut, pigeon pink Burmese rubies form a dazzling circlet fit for a queen in our Rare Ruby & Diamond Necklace

At DEVI Jewels, one of the top jewellery brands in London and Dubai we take quality very seriously, partnering with suppliers worldwide to source our gemstones, and providing certificates for each and every gemstone - as your go-to brand for fine jewellery in Dubai and London, we value the trust you place in us. 


Discover exquisite craftsmanship and elegance at Devi Jewels - a trusted name among luxury jewellery brands in the world. Explore our stunning collections. Discover the creations of a top woman jewellery designer in Dubai.

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