In Demand at DEVI Jewels

A line up of DEVI Jewels’ most popular baubles. It’s time to get luxury jewellery shopping!

A verdant, glowing halo of nearly 10 carats of rectangular Zambian emeralds that is perfect for stacking or on its own, our Emerald Eternal Band is a versatile staple from DEVI Jewels - your go-to for exquisite emerald and diamond jewellery.


Our Tanzanite Band with Emerald Cut Tanzanite makes a dazzling, azure statement - studded with glittering tanzanite, its sparkle and deep blue hue instantly catch the eye.

Our Five Marquise Diamond Chain with individual, glittering graduated diamonds that draw the eye, adds a sophisticated touch of sparkle to delicately dress up any look, handcrafted by one of the best luxury jewellery brands in London.

As one of the top jewellery brands in Dubai, we were inspired by the swaying palms of the city when creating our Palm Tree Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings that feature clear rose cut diamonds at the top with diamond studded ‘fronds’ cascading down to brilliantly blue tanzanite drops.

Our Alphabet Pendant Chains are an edgy diamond studded statement that can up the cool factor of any outfit. With a modern design created by DEVI Jewels, known for their gorgeous fine jewellery in London, you simply cannot go wrong.

Discover exquisite craftsmanship and elegance at Devi Jewels - a trusted name among luxury jewellery brands in the world. Explore our stunning collections of fine jewellery in Dubai and London, designed by a top woman jewellery designer.

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