Emeralds Part II

Emeralds Part II

All about emeralds - once again. One blog post was obviously not enough for us to wax eloquent on our favourite gemstone, and we are back with part 2! Read on to learn more about the various colours and cuts of our signature stone :

Types of emeralds :

  1. Columbian emeralds - emeralds mined in Columbia are the most sought after due to their exceptional, vibrant deep green hue that is derived from impurities of chromium and/or vanadium.

  1. Zambian emeralds - Emeralds mined in Zambia are also highly sought after, they differ from Columbian emeralds as they have a slightly blueish green hue, and tend to have more inclusions, which makes them more unique to some connoisseurs.

  1. Brazilian emeralds - Brazilian emeralds are lighter in colour than Columbian emeralds, and their colour often has a slight yellow tinge, and their colour is known as 'yellowish-green.' However, these emeralds are renowned for their clarity.

Different cuts of emeralds :

  1. Emerald cut - The emerald cut was specifically created to protect the delicate green gems from chipping during faceting. This shape is characterized by chiselled step cuts, with facets in the four corners.

The steps allow for a longer light path which gives the gem a deeper shade of green. However, the cut does make inclusions more visible.

  1. Brilliant Cut - The brilliant cut allows for a dazzling reflection of light, due to its cut which gives the stone a spherical face and rhomboid facets which allows for more white light, giving a softer colour, but more sparkle!

  1. Cabochon Cut - Cloudier emeralds with more inclusions are generally cut in the cabochon style, which is rounded and without facets to their body. This allows the true colour and the unique attributes of the stone to shine, and typically makes emeralds appear fuller and denser.

Visit our 'emeralds' page on our website to shop our curation of luxury Jewellery pieces featuring our gorgeously green signature gemstone, and we have a little selection below of some of  our favourites –

Eternally stunning and timeless, our Emerald Eternal Band adds just the right pop of colour, perfect for the summer!

Emerald Eternal Band

Our Emerald and Diamond Double Ring makes a bold statement, with a floral design inspired by nature and featuring seven exquisite emeralds - with this piece of emerald and diamond Jewellery on your fingers, you will surely turn heads.

Emerald and Diamond Double Ring


For those who dare to be different, our unique Black Diamond and Green Heart Pendant featuring a glittering Zambian emerald on a string of black diamonds interspersed with some dazzling white diamonds, is the perfect choice.

Black Diamond and Green Heart Pendant


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