This week, it's all about emeralds! Join us as we do a deep dive into our favourite gemstone and share some of our favourite fine Jewellery pieces :

  • Emeralds were first mined by the ancient Egyptians in around 1500 B.C.E, and were famously a favourite of Cleopatra's (well, we have to agree with her there!)
  • Emeralds are one of the rarest gemstones - much rarer than diamonds, and even in established mines it is difficult to get find high quality stones.
  • Emeralds have been thought to have different mystical properties in different cultures- the Egyptians believed emeralds brought luck, and many people chose to be buried with them, Ancient Romans believed gazing into an emerald helped relieve stress and eye strain, and other legends said that keeping an emerald under the tongue could help a person see into the future.
  • Emeralds have been beloved by royalty since eons, and are a favourite of Hollywood royalty too - most famously, Elizabeth Taylor's emerald necklace sold for a whopping $6.1 million in 2011.
  • The verdant green gemstone radiates a unique energy, bringing prosperity and happiness. Wearing it on the skin allows this energy to be maximized for the wearer and we invite you to shop our collection and feel the energy of our signature gemstone for yourself!

Discover our selection of luxury Jewellery pieces featuring emeralds on our website, such as :

Our Emerald and Diamond Double Ring is one of our favourite pieces of sparkling emerald and diamond jewellery. Inspired by nature, it is the perfect statement piece.

Emerald and Diamond Double Ring

Embodying elegant simplicity is our Single Drop Shaped Emerald on a Chain, with a single, dazzling emerald on a delicate gold chain. Perfect to pair with summer whites!

Visit our shopping pages to shop our precious jewellery collection featuring emeralds and a myriad of glittering gemstones.

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