DEVI Women

Beyonce is our Devi Woman. We admire her for her strength, determination & grit. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer & entrepreneur. Her success & passion has led her to become a Cultural Icon. She lays the path for young girls to follow inher footsteps. She is strong, spiritual, caring, loving and determined. We pay homage to her.
Serena Williams is an iconic modern sportswoman. Being one of the best tennis players in women history, we're ecstatic to call her our DEVI woman. A mother, an entrepreneur & a sporting icon! Coming from humble beginnings, through absolute grit & hard work, her dedication has helped her achieve her goals & be on the pinnacle of the world of tennis. Her love for fashion & jewellery, has made us realise that she is experimental while on court!
Michelle Obama is our DEVI woman. She is a mother, lawyer, a very supportive spouse & a lady who believes in advocating children rights. Her love for homegrown fashion brands, we are absolutely in love with her fashion choices in clothes & jewellery! A confident woman, with a string set of principles and values, we'd like to thank her for being a great inspiration!
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