DEVI JEWELS show April 2023 in Dubai

Dubai being our hometown we are always excited to showcase our new collection. Being the month of Ramadan, the show was even more special. We worked with Zahra Saifullah, who launched her new show Curated with Zahra. It has been a pleasure to work with her and her team.


We have been preparing for the last month, designing our show area, inviting our clients, friends, supporters and looking forward to meeting new friends. Sending out invites and ensuring that our invites were received by many more, and that DEVI jewels, is more recognised in the Middle East.

We launched and showed many new jewellery pieces like our new Tanzanite band, new pieces of emerald drop chains, stunning Diamond hoops , Uncut and Cut diamond necklaces , pearl and Diamond collar necklace.


We received great support from our friends like Sujata Assomul, Sana Sayed Karim, Farhana Bodi, Paola El Sitt, Roshni Sewakramani, Jyoti Karmali and many more. We are very grateful for their support. We met the well know Aamir Mazhar, his knowledge of fashion is very impressive as well his sense of humour. We are very thankful for the great response we received.

Our designs and pieces received positive feedback and we are very humbled by it. We also learnt that we must include in our collection, fun, wearable chains, hoops, and pendants.

It was wonderful to meet and interact with such interesting people.

We look forward to meeting everyone soon.

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