DEVI Jewels, purveyors of exquisite precious and diamond jewelry, are eagerly waiting to meet with you on the 28th of September at the Address Montgomerie Hotel, Emirates Hill in Dubai for our exclusive jewellery preview.

Until then, though, we wanted to give you a sneak peak into the handcrafted, glittering jewels that will be there for you to try on.

Our Tourmaline and Diamond Hinge Bracelet set with a deep red tourmaline weighing over 20 carats, and surrounded with diamonds in an intricate design, is a true showstopper – and will add a fiery pop of colour to your look.

Tourmaline and Diamond Hinge Bracelet

Exquisite emerald and diamond jewelry is our forte, and with an unusually subtle setting of 13 carats of baguette diamonds setting off the vivid green hue of the magnificent 20 carat emerald at the centre of our Emerald and Diamond Ring, it is a truly one of a kind, and will be there for you to slip on an admire on the 28th of September!


Emerald and Diamond Ring


Our Tutti  Frutti necklace, with over 3 resplendent strings of  uncut flat diamonds, bright red rubies and verdant emeralds weighs almost 115 carats and awaits you at our exclusive preview..


Tutti  Frutti necklace


We can’t wait to welcome you on the 28th of September to discover timeless elegance with Devi Jewels - a leader among diamond jewelry brands. Explore our exquisite collections from a top jewelry brand.