CUSTOMISATION AT DEVI JEWELS - Luxury jewellery brands in Dubai

CUSTOMISATION AT DEVI JEWELS - Luxury jewellery brands in Dubai

At DEVI Jewels, one of the best luxury jewellery brands in London and Dubai, it brings us great joy to offer our clients the choice to create jewels that are true to their heart’s desire.

As one of the top jewellery brands in Dubai and London, we wanted to share a little bit of what our customisation process looks like -

The first step for us is an in-depth client consultation for us to understand exactly what the client is looking for – what sort of piece, which gemstones, and what size, and provenance of gemstones they prefer.

Then we put the wheels in motion, reaching out to our network of gemstone suppliers across the world, and sending multiple options to the client for them to choose the perfect one for them. This is one of the most important steps in creating the piece, as often times the design revolves around the stone.

Once we have narrowed the stone down. We then put the stone in a wax, to show the client how it will when it’s put together, i.e. in the design and we also create a CAD (Computer Assistant Design) drawing where the client is able to see the depth and height of the piece, and how much gold will be used and so on.

This helps them have the most nuanced and accurate idea of the finished piece will look like. Any changes are made and then the design is handed over to our skilled artisans who begin handcrafting the jewel. We keep the client updated with lots of imagery while they wait!

Once the piece is ready, we show it to the client on a model. Even at this stage we are very open to making reasonable changes, oftentimes clients like to add more diamonds, or change a setting.

Finally, the piece is couriered to the client. We are always so excited for you to finally see the piece and hope it everything you imagined. Of course, sometimes clients may want some changes after they try it on, and we are more than happy to assist!

What matters most to us at DEVI Jewels is that you have the perfect piece of jewellery, exactly as you want it, a jewel that is uniquely yours. As a brand founded by a top woman jewellery designer in Dubai, we truly understand how important that is!

Create a completely custom design, or use one of our dazzling pieces such as our exquisite precious and diamond jewellery as a jumping off point for adventure into creating your custom jewel.

L-R - Tutti Frutti Necklace, Tourmaline Hinge Bracelet, Emerald Bead Necklace.

Explore DEVI Jewels' stunning collection of emerald and diamond jewellery. Elevate your style with our exquisite emerald jewellery pieces. Choose DEVI Jewels, the one of the best brands of fine jewellery in London and Dubai to guide you through the customisation process.

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