Contemporary Jewellery Styling

Contemporary Jewellery Styling

Gone are the days of reserving heirloom necklaces and vintage brooches only for special occasions, keeping them locked away for most of the year.

Nowadays, it’s the norm to effortlessly layer delicate gold chains with casual ensembles or mix and match antique heirlooms with modern designs.

This shift towards eclectic, bolder styling reflects a desire for self-expression and individuality. Social media culture has also played a pivotal role, inspiring a global exchange of innovative jewelry styling ideas.

From replacing single solitaire rings with stacks of bands, such as DEVI Jewels glittering Emerald and Diamond bands, to chains like our unique Twin-layered Diamond Pendant Chain and layering pendant necklaces such as our gorgeous Oval Single Stone Emerald on Chain instead of wearing a single necklace, the ways people style their pieces has changed with the changing roles of women and the busy nature of modern life, where versatile pieces rule the roost. 

With dazzling collections of emerald and diamond jewelry  Devi Jewels, easily one of the top 5 diamond jewelry brands in London and Dubai, invites you to curate your own glittering collection of fine jewelry to style in interesting ways and express yourself.

Discover exquisite craftsmanship and elegance at Devi Jewels - a trusted name among luxury jewelry brands in the world. Explore our stunning collections of fine jewelry.

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