Contemporary Art and Jewellery

Contemporary Art and Jewellery

Art and fine jewellery have been enmeshed since the beginning of time. Designing luxury jewellery is a detailed, intricate art. We have chosen some DEVI Jewels pieces that represent the same spirit as timeless works of modern art, celebrating the synergy between the fields.

Allow yourself to be captivated by the opulent yet effortless elegance of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss." The intricate patterns and passionate embrace depicted by Klimt parallel the fiery power of rubies, whose bright red glow remains the eternal symbol of love. Just as Klimt's masterpiece is a testament to the power of love, and its pops of red stand out, our Rare Ruby & Diamond Necklace is a bejewelled depiction of that same passion with over 34 carats of gleaming Burmese rubies interspersed over 17 carats of glittering white diamonds.

Rare Ruby & Diamond Necklace

Just as David Hockney takes us to a place of serene enchantment with his landscapes, such as the pictured ‘Early Spring, Woldgate’, our signature gemstone, the emerald, radiate joyous energy. Our versatile Emerald Bracelet and Choker reflects the lush, verdant greens of Hockney’s pieces with its mesmerising rows of glistening emeralds brought together with a deep green, glittering emeralds at its centre. A true masterpiece of exquisite emerald and diamond jewellery.

Lose yourself in the mesmerizing blue depths of Yves Klein's "Blue Monochrome." Yves Klein's iconic exploration of a single colour in "Blue Monochrome."  finds resonance in tanzanite, a gemstone celebrated for its stunning, vivid blue hue. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing depths of the inky blue gemstone, in our Blue Tanzanite Ring, with a 30 carat tanzanite at its centre.

As Olafur Eliasson's ground breaking "The Weather Project" transformed light into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in the early 2000’s, diamonds capture and refract light with unparalleled brilliance. The play of light and shadow depicted by Eliasson’s exhibition is seen in the sparkle of diamonds, especially when juxtaposed by yellow gold as seen in our contemporary double teardrop Yellow and White Pear Shaped Diamond Ring.

We are proud to be amongst the best jewellery brands in London and continue to innovate constantly, keeping up with the trends in the luxury jewellery market. Explore the epitome of luxury jewellery design at Devi Jewels and immerse yourself in our exquisite collections

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