Carved Gemstones

The art of Carving gemstones, an ancient techniques that dates back to the early civilisations. Precious stones like Emeralds, Rubies, Mother of pearls, Tanzanites are worked on to produce beautiful engraved glyptics of lotus flowers, leaves, animal motifs, mostly inspired by nature. In the 1920s most large Parisian jewellery houses were making jewellery using these beautiful carved gemstones. The famous Tutti frutti collection from the House of Cartier is still synonymous and inspirational.

We at DEVI have paid homage to this alluring and intricate art form. We have some stunning pieces of carved gemstone in our collections. Our version of the Tutti Frutti necklaces with carved Emeralds, Rubies and Tanzanites.

Another piece the resistance is our 50 carat carved emerald and diamond necklace cum brooch. It is a spectacular statement piece of jewellery. Gemstone carving is one unique because it infused detail and complexity in jewellery without adding anything else. We at DEVI help you to add this wonderful gemstone jewellery to your growing collection.


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