To say that the recently released Barbie movie has generated quite a buzz would be an understatement, to say the least. The marketing blitz, the fashion, the cast – they’ve all been hot topics of conversation - absolutely everywhere.

Touted to explore the plastic doll we all know and love through a modern lens, we were excited to watch the film - and were not disappointed! The film celebrated femininity and what it means to be a woman – the ups, the downs, the struggles and the joys. Being a woman, the movie convinces us, is better than being a doll with a perfect life. While breaking down and laying bare the laughably illogical nature of patriarchy, the movie leaves us with feelings of positivity and hope. That in a system rigged against us, we have the power to shape our future – we can BE anything, DO anything. And most importantly, it reminds us that we are enough. Always.

At DEVI Jewels, we are proud to always celebrate the power of women. Our handcrafted  pieces are designed to help you be the best, most confident version of yourself and we hope you will choose us to be a part of your unique journey.

And we know that to speak of the film and not of the fashion would be a major oversight – from frothy pinks to bold stripes, film’s styling has captured the imagination of audiences globally, and we’ve put together some of our of best Barbie-esque pieces below :

  1. Diamond Butterfly Ring

    Diamond Butterfly Ring
  2. Heart Diamond Pendant

Heart Diamond Pendant


   3. Heart Diamond Pendant


South Sea Pearl Necklace



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